Creating an engaging promotional video, either it’s a commercial bumper or a longer social video, is not an art. It’s a craft that can be taught and learned. In this article, we review 11 psychology-based tricks that commercial producers use to create attention-grabbing videos. This list is applicable to live-action video and animation alike. If you haven’t decided yet on the style for your video, refer to our Animation VS Live Action article.

There are a lot of recruitment videos out there. Trust me, because I watched nearly 100 of them. And I have a few observations. For one thing, companies really like showing off their ping-pong and foosball tables. Also, a LOT of companies feel they are unique because of their customer service. Another one: big companies such as Google, Dropbox, and HubSpot drop big dollars into slick recruiting videos. My final observation: small and medium-sized companies haven't really maximized the potential of recruitment videos yet.

Here's some current stats that are worth your consideration...

It’s All About the Message

Holiday-related video campaigns aren’t just about metrics (even if they are really impressive) it was about sharing a holiday message with your audience and giving them a gift they could pass along. You want to be creative and think outside the “inbox” to reach them with your message.

Haven’t we been hearing for the last several years that “THIS” is the year that marketers are going to embrace video and take their digital marketing to new heights to find only larger branded organizations barely jumping into the video pond? I actually think that 2018 is the year of video! When we look back on the year, my guess is that we will see that more small to mid-sized companies will have started to get serious about including video as a “mainstream” marketing tactic. However, video is still a substantial investment (although a marketing tactic you can actually measure!), so take the time to rev up your video marketing strategy so you can achieve the greatest results from your video investment.

Can you imagine inviting friends over for a nice dinner at your house and not offering dessert? The dinner might taste great, but it would be more satisfying if you went the extra step to enhance your meal with a sweet treat.

That may seem obvious to some people, yet I see so many companies doing the same thing with video. They finish their video and consider it done rather than going the extra mile to promote it properly and get more bang for their buck. If you produce a video without thinking through the distribution and promotion, you miss too many opportunities to increase its audience and effectiveness.

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