Healthcare related videos can be used for patient education or promotional purposes. Whether you are a medical Fortune 500 company or an under-funded start-up, Richmond Corporate Video can tell your story in the best way possible.

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Producing a medical video that has just the right balance of spontaneity and clarity is an art form. On top of that, HIPAA rules and regulations make filming an even more sensitive endeavor. At Richmond Corporate Video, we’ve had years of experience interacting with physicians and patients in sterile environments or sensitive clinical situations.

Our producer-director, Ivan Alzuro, has worked with surgical residents, emergency physicians, and plastic surgeons. He is just as comfortable filming in a board room as in an operating room or neonatal ICU. On top of that, we have years of experience perfecting the art of the interview. We’ve learned that a casual producer-to-doctor discussion will yield understandable explanations and product endorsements that are far more genuine and powerful than a list of pre-written questions and answers.

When it comes to patient interviews, our team is careful to show the required knowledge and empathy. Our sensitive approach to medical video production encourages candid statements from patients that ultimately produce a better and more relatable video for your audience. Video is the best platform for acquiring and sharing medical knowledge. patient education videos covering health topics such as diagnoses, treatment options, health and wellness. Engage and empower your patients with educational videos that help share medical knowledge.

Richmond Corporate Video can help produce a variety of healthcare related media, including:

  • Medical Education Videos for Patients
  • Explainer and Medical Education Videos in the Waiting Rooms
  • Online Medical Lectures & Continuing Education Videos
  • Medical Videos of Surgery Procedures

As a full-service medical video production company, our team can take your project from concept to completion, including script writing, videography, animated graphics, website video production, motion graphics, duplication, packaging, and drop-shipping. Richmond Corporate Video enables hospitals to offer a diverse library of medical educational videos that ensure patients and families are well informed, whether it’s in the waiting room or the dental office.

Our videos are created especially with the client in mind, whether for the big screen, a trade -show display, or a company website. Best of all, our experience enables us to deliver outstanding results even on a limited budget.

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