2018 is the year of video for your company! The boss says you’ve got the green light to begin producing video as part of your marketing strategy and the leadership team supports you 100%. All you have to do is put together a video marketing strategy that they will sign off on! It sounds simple enough, and yet, there are a number of roadblocks that can make this simple exercise not so simple. The first will be budget. Yep, you’ll soon find your boss doesn’t really know how much video costs to produce and you’ll feel overwhelmed. Secondly, there’s a good chance your boss will think you’ll produce one video and all of a sudden leads will start to roll in — like a commercial that just hit the airwaves. Unfortunately, this is a different ballgame.

We’ve all heard the infamous study: Technology has reduced human attention spans to 9 seconds – the same as a goldfish. So taking that into account, how long should your marketing video be? It was the big question when I worked in TV, and it’s still the big question now that I work at Richmond Corporate Video. And my answer is still the same: It should be as long as your content will support – to tell your story and achieve your goals. Not a second longer, but not a second shorter, either.

Ever since content was claimed as king back in 1996 (thanks, Bill Gates), a ton of organizations all over the world have created content simply for the sake of the trend. I get it, “other people are doing it, we need to do it, too.” Unfortunately, many companies get lost along the way because they are missing key elements throughout their content planning and strategy process.

Congratulations! You finally jumped on the video marketing train, you’re full of steam and you’re in a content groove. If you can look at your website and see a library of videos that all share useful, engaging and unique information, you’re setting up your organization’s marketing strategy for success. However, not every video is created equally. Good video content should be gauged by quality, NOT quantity, which can sometimes be difficult to assess.

Haven’t we been hearing for the last several years that “THIS” is the year that marketers are going to embrace video and take their digital marketing to new heights to find only larger branded organizations barely jumping into the video pond? When we look back on 2017, my guess is that we will see that more small to mid-sized companies will have started to get serious about including video as a “mainstream” marketing tactic. Video is an investment (although a marketing tactic you can actually measure!), so take the time to rev up your video marketing strategy so you can achieve the greatest results from your video investment.

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