Every second, more than an hour of video is added to YouTube. How many of these hours of content feature sleepy kittens? Never enough. The numbers are growing with social media every year and there seems to be no tapering off. One element in particular is the use of smartphone photos and videos. Marketers know that a social media presence is essential for growing their brands. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become "tier 1" social sites and the number of video postings and views are racing! Sixty-seven percent of adult internet users post original photos of videos online that they themselves have created — and this was the number in 2015. It's only going up!

If you're working on a corporate piece, where do you start? Do you lather on and on about your credentials? People don’t care about your credentials. Sure, they are interested to know you’re a leader in your profession but can you ease their pain? Many times when creating your company landing page video you may feel that the viewer needs to know EVERYTHING about your company in a 6 minute video. The trending truth is, No but later. In the initial stage of auditioning for a potential client’s business the main goal is to identify with their concern and let them know that you can do the work. Once you have their attention and they are interested in working with you, THEN share with them more details of your company’s capabilities and achievements. So how do you widdle down pages and pages of company information to a compelling message that makes them want to know more - to contact you? What you really need are these components to make a compelling video.

Creating an engaging promotional video, either it’s a commercial bumper or a longer social video, is not an art. It’s a craft that can be taught and learned. In this article, we review 11 psychology-based tricks that commercial producers use to create attention-grabbing videos. This list is applicable to live-action video and animation alike. If you haven’t decided yet on the style for your video, refer to our Animation VS Live Action article.

There are a lot of recruitment videos out there. Trust me, because I watched nearly 100 of them. And I have a few observations. For one thing, companies really like showing off their ping-pong and foosball tables. Also, a LOT of companies feel they are unique because of their customer service. Another one: big companies such as Google, Dropbox, and HubSpot drop big dollars into slick recruiting videos. My final observation: small and medium-sized companies haven't really maximized the potential of recruitment videos yet.

Here's some current stats that are worth your consideration...

It’s All About the Message

Holiday-related video campaigns aren’t just about metrics (even if they are really impressive) it was about sharing a holiday message with your audience and giving them a gift they could pass along. You want to be creative and think outside the “inbox” to reach them with your message.

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