Did you know millennial now outnumber baby boomers and have become the largest generation in the U.S., representing more than a quarter of the nation’s population? Not to mention, millennials are considered to be the most diverse and unique generation in terms of social, economic and demographic trends.

These statistics have marketers all across the country attempting to figure out the best messaging to attract this generation.

So, how do you create messaging to that millennial? Think about this -simple, natural and straight forward. Trust me, I wish I had the silver bullet, but, I don’t. Although, I know a good place to start — create authentic content.

I know it sounds very “buzzwordy” and like a cop out, but I can’t stress it enough.

Why Do Millennials Value Authenticity?

Because traditional methods of advertising are so easy to block out. Don’t think of it as “millennials want authenticity from a brand.” Instead, they won’t engage with anything else. They don't want it. They are not seeking out brands who are authentic and interesting so we have a place to spend their free time. Not at all. They just won’t listen to your message if it feels like an advertisement. I know it seems tough, but you can’t try to sell to them. Or at least don’t be obvious about it. I know that sounds coy, but there is some substance there. Millennials don’t like advertising — especially commercials. Instead, tell them stories or show them videos.

The way for brands to build loyalty with millennial shoppers is to strive to behave more like people. Introducing elements of humanity within your brand messaging is absolutely paramount to connect with them.

And once you connect with the millennial generation, that doesn’t mean you can switch back to traditional advertising and your typical selling technique. You didn’t capture them for good after one authentic and interesting message. You sparked their interest — now keep it up and hope they keep that feeling towards you.

What Else?

Here are a few other things to consider when targeting millennial shoppers. I think they tie into the idea of being authentic and interesting, but I also feel like they’re too important to assume you’ll draw the connection on your own.

Be transparent. Do your best to be honest. If the food you serve isn’t healthy, don’t tell them it’s nutritious! They will respect you for that. If you aren’t blatantly honest, millennial shoppers will quickly become frustrated.

Have a mission. Millennial shoppers love to buy from organizations that have a mission to help the world. It’s not a necessity, more of a nice-to-have if I’m being honest. And it doesn’t have to be about saving the world, just let them know that you’re doing your part and that you care.

Showcase that you have fun. Millennials are attracted to brands that have fun. Show that you are a fun organization to work for, that your employees love what they do and that you love the way your products or services help people’s lives.

Fix you user experience. Make it easy for millenials to interact with your business online and even easier to make online purchases when they are ready. And I’m not just talking about mobile friendly websites, that’s obvious. I’m talking about the online experience as a whole. 

I hope you found this content authentic and useful. Looking to get started but not sure how?

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