It’s an ongoing problem: marketers and business leaders are creating content that isn’t thought through properly. It is too high level, too old school, and just rehashes other messages already on the internet. Overall, we’re producing business videos that have too much stuff that nobody finds relevant enough to link to. In fact, 75 percent of content created for the web never gets linked to by anybody. It is a tremendous waste of energy and resources.

Worse than that, old-school content can bog down a website and make it less functional. It can cause potential customers to lose trust in a brand. And it can negatively impact your sales, like the phone not ringing, but that's another blog.

Why Does Old School ( 90's style ) Content Happen?

Few businesses start out with plans to create bad content that nobody cares about. But many businesses end up with websites full of it. There are many reasons for this:

  • We’re writing with a focus only on search, creating keyword-based blog topics that generate organic traffic but do little else. This can happen when we set goals based on increased traffic instead of actual ROI.
  • We’re creating high-level content that is comfortable for businesses but isn’t relevant to the reader; after careful vetting by six different people, including legal and the CEO, it loses all bite it once had.
  • We’re facing intense business pressures; we have to deliver something by the deadline, the budget is too small or the writer is too pressured to be able to create something great. So most resort to 90's stylings we grew up in...MISS-TAKE!
  • We’re thinking more of ourselves than of the end user, and we’re creating content based on what we’d like to say rather than what our readers would like to read.

New School Content, say something real and that helps!

Many of us create content for the internet based on our own motivations – often to meet revenue goals or to gain exposure. Often we do this in a way that is like Facebook; we start with good intentions, but we don’t consider the user and we inadvertently end up doing the wrong thing.

Today I am going to make content that says something real that is useful to people in the world. I will share actual information – not just advertisements for people to buy things. Help people do better, be better, and try to make their lives better.

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